Trumbull Community Action Program

Trumbull Community Action Program



Is There a Cost for Children to Attend TCAP Head Start?

There is no cost to families for children to attend TCAP Head Start. All services, including meals and snacks provided during class time are provided without any cost to families.

Head Start is a federally funded program. We also receive some of our funding from the Ohio Department of Education and from the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).


Does TCAP Head Start Offer Potty Training Assistance?

Yes, TCAP Head Start works with families to potty train children based on each individual child's needs. TCAP provides all Pull-Ups and wipes that the child needs during class time without charge to families. Staff work with families to set goals and track the child's progress.


How Does TCAP Head Start Manage Behaviors/Discipline Children?

Our program uses a classroom management system called Conscious Discipline; and the system focuses on teaching children social-emotional skills and aims to ensure that children feel safe and connected in their learning environment. This program is a researched-based system that has been widely used for decades. Click HERE to learn more about Conscious Discipline.

When Children’s Behavior is Unacceptable, the Child Care Staff Member Shall NOT:

  • Abuse or neglect children.
  • Utilize cruel, harsh, unusual, or extreme measures.
  • Utilize any form of corporal punishment.
  • Delegate children to manage or discipline other children.
  • Use physical restraints on a child.
  • Restrain a child by any other means other than holding children for a short period of time so that the children can regain control.
  • Place children in a locked room or confine children in any enclosed area.
  • Confine children to equipment such as cribs or highchairs.
  • Humiliate, threaten, or frighten children.
  • Subject children to profane language or verbal abuse.
  • Make derogatory or sarcastic remarks about children or their families.
  • Punish children for failure to eat, sleep or for toilet accidents.
  • Withhold any food (including snacks and treats), rest, or toilet use.
  • Punish an entire group of children due to the unacceptable behavior of a few.
  • Restrict children from activities for an extended period.


Is TCAP Head Start Licensed?

Our program is licensed as a child care center through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). ODJFS has strict licensing requirements aimed to ensure programs maintain a safe environments for children. These requirements include required staff background checks, training courses, and are closely monitored through multiple inspections throughout the year. Learn more about the ODJFS Licensing requirements by clicking HERE.


All TCAP Head Start Centers have a 5-Star Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) Rating, What Does That Mean?

Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) is a Quality Rating System from the State of Ohio, and 5-Star is the highest possible rating. SUTQ rates early learning and development programs, such as preschools and family child care programs. Highly rated programs go well beyond basic licensing requirements to develop kindergarten readiness, engage with families, continuously monitor and improve their programs, and employ teachers who have degrees in early childhood education, family development, or related fields. Click HERE for more information about SUTQ.


How Does TCAP Head Start Receive Federal Funding?

The Head Start Program was created by Congress with the Head Start Act in 1965, and then later reauthorized by the "Public Law 110-134 "Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007."  Federal funds are dispersed to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, then to the Administration for Children and Families, who disperses the funds to The Office of Head Start, who then awards the money to grantees, like TCAP. Grantees are required to submit grant proposals to The Office of Head Start each year. These proposals must meet very strict requirements outlining exactly how grantees intend to use the funds to create a program that meets all Head Start Program Performance Standards.