Trumbull Community Action Program

Trumbull Community Action Program

About Head Start

Head Start at its core is about equity. Since 1965, Head Start has been a federally funded program designed to provide support and resources to families in need to bridge any gaps between them and their more socio-economically advantaged peers so that they can have equal opportunity to benefit from public education and improve the overall quality of life for their whole family. We provide services and support to eligible families in a variety of areas including free preschool education; family services; health, nutrition, mental health, and disabilities.

The Head Start Program was created by Congress with the Head Start Act. View the Head Start Act The Head Start Act requires the creation of universal performance standards that must be met by all Head Start Programs. View the Head Start Program Performance Standards



Our Philosophy & Goals

  1. Provide quality child development and family services for eligible children and families throughout Trumbull County.

  2. Implement a program which will increase the likelihood of success for Head Start children as they move into future educational and social experiences.

  3. Help parents identify and achieve goals that foster healthy, competent children, economic self-sufficiency, and appropriate use of community services and resources. 

  4. Collaborate with other agencies and organizations to meet the goals of the program and advocate for the needs of children and families.

  5. Encourage parents to advocate on behalf of their family's best interests.

  6. Partner with parents in creating a quality educational program for children and families.