Trumbull Community Action Program

Trumbull Community Action Program

Head Start Services


Provides a safe, daily pick up and drop off to home location free of charge

Health Services:  

Comprehensive services include education, screenings and follow-up for health, development, and behavior; health and safety, social and emotional health, nutrition, family goal-setting, social services, transition services and services for children with disabilities. Community Collaborations exist to ensure the continuum of optimal  services throughout a child’s experience at Head Start and onward to elementary school.  


Parent Family Community Engagement: 

Head Start staff working together in partnership with parents and the community to support children’s school readiness.


 Family Advocates: 

Engage in mutually respectful goal orientated partnerships with families to promote parent child relationships and family well being.  They support families in using community resources  that enhance  family well being and children’s learning and development while respecting the culture, language, values and family structure of each family served.


The Head Start program supports the mental, social, and emotional development of each child regardless of the severity of a child’s disability, voiding practices, special diet, or special health care need. Head Start staff build relationships with families that support positive parent-child relationships, family well-being, and connections to peers and community. A family’s cultural belief and primary language is supported to encourage family participation in a friendly atmosphere.

Nutrition and Lunch Services

Head Start provides healthy meals that are approved by the USDA and the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition. Weekly fitness, oral health care and nutrition education programs are scheduled to ensure the healthy development of children and their families.