Trumbull Community Action Program

Trumbull Community Action Program

Call 330-393-2507 ext 267 or ext 287 to register your child today! You can also start the application process by completing the application linked below:



STEM furthers education in math and sciences. This program is funded by a grant to provide each Head Start center with technology that promotes using math and science skills to further education.


Nurturing the bond between dads and children with fun activities to do together


Grandparent Support

Support for grandparents raising grandchildren

Parenting Wisely

The early years are the best years for establishing positive, consistent, and effective parenting techniques, but then children don't always come with instruction manuals. The Parenting Wisely program is designed to help parents with preschool age children develop the following skills: Active Listening, Redirection, Using "I" messages, Non Directive Play, Fostering Social Skills, Setting Limits and Consequences, and Communicating with School. 

For more information or to register for the program call 330-393-2507 ext. 240.